About Ag-View Products and Services

Pilot Owner – Citizen Scientists

Daniel F. Murphy retired from John Deere after 39 years developing product and applying information technology to agriculture and construction equipment.  As a software engineer he holds a Masters of Business and certifications in product development from MIT.  As part of the John Deere Innovation Technology Center he led a team developing knowledge based solutions for the work site. He loves to fly and holds a private pilot instrument rating as well as an unmanned aircraft systems certification. As owner operator he is uniquely qualified to support your business with its challenges using aerial photography for crop management, site surveys, real estate, and custom projects or events.

Ag-View Products and Services Mission

Your business is better with aerial photography. Our goal is to support decisions in the moment using intelligent solutions for your work site. At Ag-View Products and Services we are excited by the opportunities to provide customers with new insights about their production processes and products. New perspectives can be seen from above. Plant health, plant stand counts or weather damage can be monitored and action taken to preserve your sunk costs. Constructions sites can be assessed before and after that improves estimates and documents outcomes for customers and insurance providers. Special events can be captured as keepsake images for sharing with friends and employees.

Ag-View Products and Services Shared Talents

Working with others in the industry we are able to provide custom video, images, or promotional items for websites, or advertisements. Shared skilled services include the website development and search optimization providing an attention to detail that supports your business needs. In addition to drone imaging we can offer aerial imagining using light aircraft to accommodate large expanses of when less detailed monitoring is required.

Ag-View Products and Services Commitment

Ag-View Products and Services is a fully FAA licensed and insured company and we can ensure compliance with local and federal regulations. At Ag-View Products and Services we understand that it is about your business or event. For that reason we promptly review the images and post processing insights with you to ensure your satisfaction.  Finally, we fly a variety of platforms and offer a complete line of solutions for your projects.