Polarizers and ND Filters

As it turns out the goal in SLR aero photography and videography is have the shutter speed about double your frame rate; at 1080/60fps you want a 1/250 shutter speed. Slowing your shutter speed provides a smoother, cinematic look.

There are two way so do this:

  • Polarizers are great for shooting over water as the reduce glare and reflections.
  • Neutral density (ND) filter are also useful as they trick the camera in to thinking that there is less light and therefore slow the shutter speed. PolarPro offers a combo polarizer and ND filter.

Selecting a filter starting point: At dusk or dawn you may want to start with a 4 ND filter that should slow the shutter speed by two stops.  At midday with no clouds  you may want a 32 ND filter that would slow the shutter speed by five stops.

Key Considerations Before Purchase:

  • Buy a filter designed for the platform you own.
  • Make sure it threads on and replaces the UV filter on the camera.  Gimbals are designed for camera weight and balance. If you upset this your gimbal could fail or not work correctly.
  • It should have an aluminum frame.
  • Buy the better quality optics to reduce distortions


Some products that you may want to look at – all designed for the Phantom 4 at PolarPro.com

PolarPro – Cinema Series  Ratable ND4/PL ND8/PL ND16/PL filters, multi-coated $99

PolarPro – Shutter Collection, ND16, ND32, and ND64, multi-coated $99

PolarPro – Filter 3-Pack, Rotatable CP Filter, ND4, ND8 $69





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